Welcome to the "InterNachi, India (MACJ - A Buyers Choice Home Inspections)" Chapter, India's leading Company in professional Home Inspection Services, having PAN - India presence across locations in all the 4 zones of India.

Home is one of the biggest investments one make in one's life time. A large part of our savings goes into buying our dream homes, furnishing it and then paying stamp duty / brokerage, etc

All of us want our dream home to be as we have envisaged......safe - sound - secured. We should and have the right to know "How Healthy our Homes are". We need to get a Complete Health Check-up of our dream homes just the way we get a complete checkup of our body.

Our Vision:
  1. To develop a multi-billion USD professional home inspection services industry in India
  2. To create a niche for ourselves in ensuring safe and healthy homes for the families in India
  3. To set up the highest standards of quality and ethics in the inspection industry
  4. To remain one of the top inspection companies in India
Our Mission:
  1. We provide professional home inspection services. The inspection covers all the areas of a property (e.g Bedrooms, Living Room Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining, Lobby, Balcony, Common Area, Servants Room). All the elements (e.g Floors, Walls, Ceiling, Windows, Doors, Electrical & Plumbing) each area is inspected for material type, installation, finishing, operations & functionality and general safety. The issues detected are described along with necessary pictures and rectification solution is given. Our trained professionals use latest technology and modern tools in the process of inspection
  2. We inspect all types of properties including commercial, retail, school, office properties, etc
  3. Our services can be availed by Home Owners / Buyers, Home Sellers, Builders/Developers, Real Estate Agents, Interior Designers, Architects, GOI / State Governments, Lenders, Insurance Companies, City Building Department, etc